January: 2017 Goals

In 2015, I signed up for the MEC Burlington race series.  I ran five races, all of differing distances (3.75k, 5k, 10k. 15k, and half-marathon).  Interestingly, only one race was actually in Burlington, with the rest in different parts of Hamilton and Dundas.  It was a fairly intense racing schedule, but it was inexpensive and as a result, I was in great shape by the end of it.  I ran two PR’s (10k and half-marathon) and wound up just really enjoying the races themselves.  It helped me realize that I’m perhaps not built for going as long as a Marathon just yet, but I have some ability in shorter distances such as 5k and 10k.  I managed two top-ten finishes, even.

So the thinking is to attempt a similar race schedule in 2017, but with a stronger focus.  My itinerary and goals are as follows:

  • April 29 – 12k trail (sub-60 minutes)
  • May 20 – 10k road (sub-40 minutes)
  • September 9 – 15k road
  • October 14 – 10k road (second shot at sub-40)
  • November 4 – 8k trail (third shot at sub-40)

Sub-40 in the 10k is lofty, but after deciding to try shorter distances, my 10k time has gone from a 55 minute split in a longer race, to 47 minutes in 2014 to 43 minutes in 2015.  It’s probably within reach.

As for the 15k, I’m considering running the race with baby Annika in our Bob running stroller.  If I’m going to make the 10k my primary focus, why not make the Bayfront race a little different?

I also have some other goals I hope to accomplish by the end of 2017.  I want to stay healthy, be able to lift my own bodyweight at at least one of the three lifts I’ve been working on, but that’s not a primary goal by any means.  It’d just be nice to brag about.

January Training Highlights

My goal for January was essentially to get consistent.  I tend to be very quick to abandon training plans because I get impatient with not seeing changes or improvements, so I’m planning on sticking with the following basic plan (which I managed to accomplish in January without much difficulty)

  • 1-2 weekly weightlifting sessions with dumbbells (usually squat, bench press or shoulder press, deadlift), eventually moving to barbells.
  • 2-3 weekly indoor track runs, including sprints (20-25 minutes) around once a week.
  • 1 “free time” activity, preferably an hour or more.  In January, it was ball hockey.
  • 1 or more long runs of at least an hour with the intent of doing one per week.

The long run is arguably the most important part of training, so naturally, I’m not taking them very seriously.  Part of it comes down to time management, but I also find that I’m just not very good at planning them out.

As of this posting, I have not gone for my long run in January.

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