Week Zero: The Gym is Stupid

I now have a proper gym membership at a proper gym.  As much as I like the indoor track, I have very little discipline for doing strength training at the track, which is what I’m neglecting most.  I mean… I know I run better when I do it, but I also hate doing it and hate how I feel when I eventually do it and then can’t move properly for several days afterwards.

But here I am, wondering whether or not I should do regular squats or split squats, or to do a proper weightlifting program like Starting Strength.  I’m hoping it’ll help that I’ll feel guilty about wasting money if I don’t actually go and lift the heavy things now that I’m paying for the privilege.  Motivation is fickle, but it’ll do until I can build some discipline.

The Boxing Day race was a bit of a wake-up call.  Yes, 78 minutes knocked about 19 minutes off my previous best, but it hurt more than it needed to, and basically every reputable piece of information says proper strength training will solve this.  Yet still, I cringe at the thought of it.

I know this will be a part of what makes 2017 better than 2016, but it’s still stupid.

This Week’s Training (Week Zero)

  • 20 minutes indoor cycling because I didn’t feel like using a treadmill.
  • Split squats, overhead press, and bench press with dumbbells.
  • Kettlebell Swings (too many reps because my kettlebell is too small.)
  • No running because it’s really cold out.

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